Plain Mattresses (Lala Salama)
Economical and comfortable


These are plain uncovered foam mattresses, available in various sizes, these are products are actually targeted for low-end market, as they are economical and highly demanded. The range of product is packed in clear PVC, to keep them dirt-free, during the transport.  

    Prestige Quilted Mattresses
Ultimate satisfaction at competitive prices

These are excellent quality products of higher density, with elegantly tape-edged jacquard and quilted fabric coverings. These mattresses offer high comfort and meet dreams of a luxury loving sleepe. These are offered at competitive prices to imported products.  

TX Mattresses (Nyota nkema)
For the most comfortable sleep

These are high quality mattresses, with lovely tap-edged fabrics coverings.  

    Covered Mattresses
Extra comfort and economical
These range of mattresses are lala salama mattresses that are covered by good, and nice fabrics, which are targeted also for the local market, at affordable prices.  


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