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Quality Foam Ltd
established in 1992, is an innovative and rapid growing foam manufacturing company based in Dar-es-salaam.

Established in 1992, Quality Foam Ltd has been manufacturing polyurethane foam for more than a decade. The importance of the foaming industry has reached unbridled proportions in recent years. The application of polyurethane foam in the packaging, upholstery, and bedding industries has made Quality Foam Ltd an important business partner, as we continue to provide ecologically sound, quality foaming products and continue to improve and perfect foaming requirements for the various market segments we support.

Since its establishment, it has been involved in the manufacturing of polyurethane foam mattresses, cushions, pillows, bed bases & other related foam products. It has been keeping up with its quality and introducing new innovative products, with different images, and high packaging.

Presently, it maintains a good share of the market, due to high quality innovative comfort products, with exclusive packaging at reasonable prices.

Soon introducing complete range of spring mattresses, followed closely with the introduction of vacuum compressed products that will reduce the cost of transport and storage for the export market, by nearly 75%.

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