Compressed Products (New)

Compressed Pillows
Fluffy and comfortable pillows compressed to 1/4 of its size.

    Compressed Mattresses
1 thick wraped in airtight polythylene.
Expands to 6 on unwraping with no change in quality or comfort.



This new novel service, basically compresses foam blocks with high pressure that releases all air out of the product, and reduces the size of the product to 25% of its actual size.

The compressed product may be returned to its original state by our customer, through tearing open the plastic wrapper that allows air to re-enter the foam product, and the strong cell structure in our product pushes against the plastic wrapper and in some few min returns to its original state.


This new feature will be applicable for all types of mattresses, whether uncovered or covered by fabrics, and we will also offer this feature for pillows.

Quality Foam Ltd, decided to introduce this service due to the bulky nature of the products it offer, and it hopes that it will be able to serve well its customers and assist by saving on the space requirements, and mainly save on the cost of transporting the products up-country and for exports.

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